My Reiki Ordination

Reiki Ordination is possible.  It only takes a reiki church. 

Loving Touch Center
Ordained:  Minister of Spiritual Healing
By: Samuel Strauss
On:  June 22, 1995
LTC Training:    Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Advanced Practitioner

As stated on the LTC website 

"Loving Touch Center was recognized by the Supreme Court, Board of Education and The Attorney General in the State of New York as an Interfaith Ministry. Our ministry is not religious in nature, but is a spiritual discipline. As such we are able to minister Reiki to our students and clients in hospitals or other institutions. Since we ordain our ministers as Ministers of Spiritual Healing, which is how we perceive the Reiki energy, only our own Loving Touch Center graduates are eligible for our ministry. "


 In this site, I discuss the spiritual lessons of Reiki;
In particular, why I became a Pantheist.

Rev. Jonathan Lobl's Healing Ministry


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